1:1 Client Session Testimonials

"Thank you Rachel for my session on Saturday it was the most amazing experience I have had.. Since then I have been in a calm relaxed yet alive state.. I look forward to the ongoing shifts as they occur.. Rachel is gentle in her approach and I would recommend booking with Rachel and pellowah energy to everyone." Janine.

"Having Rachel go into detail with my Human Design chart was so important, looking at it I was not able to understand everything that was going on. But, having Rachel do all the work with me and translate my chat, it gave me a blueprint of which to observe my own behaviours. It gave me insight into every experience I have had in my life, upto today, a deep understanding of why I react, relate, attract into my life. Knowing this gives me the foundation I need to change and enact the life I want to live." Kane.

"It is total pre-physical pre-conscious primordial energy. It feels like the root of what forms us. I find it flows through my body as a bonding energy between molecules, energy that communicates from source to spirit, to soul to the mental energy. When Rachel is working on me with Pellowah Energy Healing I realise that my body is an electro-magnetic fluid that Pellowah Energy Healing is calibrating me to a true quantum healing level. It feels like a gentle magnet is running over my body and whilst the energy work is being done I have no conscious interrupt to the energy work which I have found I could do with other modalities and despite my concentration at the time the energy work is working without me having to fall through layers of the mind to get to a space of hypnosis like other modalities I have experienced. Having the Pellowah Energy Healing sets the stage for other conscious work as I can't interact with it through my mind and it is preparing me for a deeper focus for my meditation work and spiritual work. After my 2 Pellowah Energy Healing sessions with Rachel I have experienced very clear visuals of events and a cleansing for my inner purpose that would usually be very hard for me to get through with meditation, the clarity it outside of my conscious interpretation and I cannot wait to work further with Rachel as she has become an integral part of my communication and connection with source as I find Pellowah Energy Healing bypasses the natural friction towards mindfulness that I have daily due to my autism. Also in conjunction with my autism which can cause severe sensory overwhelm at the time, the Pellowah Energy Healing session helped reset my nervous system so I could feel less 'body fire'. I feel like Pellowah Energy Healing has been my guiding light towards mindfulness. I feel as Pellowah Energy Healing is a future based healing" Kane.

"I received a beautiful energy treatment at a time when I required some extra support. I received that support in a beautiful gentle yet powerful way.. I felt understood, lighter, grounded and received understanding of what was going on for me and what I was required to do to move forwards.. I look forward to having another session very soon.. Thank you." Janine.

"What a beautiful soul. Highly recommended!

Whilst living in Melbourne Rachel guided me to understand how and why I was feeling a certain way about situations and trauma I had experienced as a child along with some tough times I was experience at the time.

Rachel connected with me on a level which guided me through to a space where I am now comfortable to make decisions that I need to make and where to focus my energy at.

As someone who at the time was stressed emotionally caught up and struggled to believe in oneself having the support and guidance of Rachel was and is amazing." Lia.

"Huge #shoutout to Rachel Allan for an amazing healing session online!

It couldn't have come at a better time for me. I'd been feeling really stuck and quite ungrounded. Rachel really helped to centre my energy, and bring back some clarity.

I instantly felt more connected and my intuition heightened.

Thanks Rachel. You are a beautiful, gifted soul." Andra.

"I had a beautifully restorative intuitive healing session with Rachel. It was just what I needed, a true to being an intuitively led session, the universe aligned and prompted me to book in with Rachel and less than 2 hours later, I was relaxing on a massage table, being led through a wonderful meditation and healing, dropping into a deep rest - just what I was needing at that time. Thankyou!" Angela.

"Rachel was amazing at helping me with a problem. I went in feeling weighed down by it and overwhelmed. Left feeling lighter and completely relaxed. Not even sure how she did it, but I highly recommend it. It was pretty magical. Thanks, Rachel." Rachel.

"I had a lovely connection with Rachel, who absolutely understood my need to have an energy reboot. I felt like she gave my soul an energy massage. After our session, my chakras were left open and my understanding of how the planets were playing with everyone's energy. Looking forward to the next energy massage Thanks Rachel." Nicol.

"I had a delightfully serendipitous interaction with Rachel which resulted in a reading. Tears sprang to my eyes when she so calmly nailed my last couple of months and encouraged me to trust the feeling things are on the up! Her intuitive reading was insightful and so beautifully delivered, I felt the compassion throughout her words.
Thank you, Rachel." Jay.

"I had my tarot done & was really impressed to hear what was said especially without giving any information beforehand. It was spot on." Amanda.

"Wow, thank you so much for my reading Rachel! You are spot on with my calm energy, although I don't always feel it (I have two kids under 5), I have just started teaching yoga and meditation to kids as a new career. I believe it's my soul purpose! I do sometimes struggle to feel grounded so thank you for the mantra and the essential oil advice. I'm thriving on being surround by trees right now as you can see from my picture. Thanks again for this amazingly accurate reading xxx" Claire.

"Thank you for the quick reading! Rachel is a beautiful soul that was easy to connect with. The reading was spot on and accurate. Some loving guidance I received as well. xx" Carlee.

"Wow Rachel was SPOT ON. She immediately picked up on Archangel Michael who is always with me. An awesome reading and well worth it. Thank you so much for your time and guidance." Penny.

"Rachel, did a reading for me which spot on with where I am at. She has a beautiful energy and gave some great advice on what direction I should take. I def recommend her and have another reading for her. Thank you very much." Megan.

"Thank you so much for your reading. having a reminder to live an extraordinary life is liberating and reminds me not to get bogged down in mundanities :) many thanks for your time and accuracy." Jeanette.

"Thrilled with the quick reading. I have felt uplifted and more focused since getting the much needed boost.

Thank you." Kari.

"Hi Rachel 

What a delight to have connected with you. Thank you so much for your audio and photo. 

I will give feedback on your business page. 

I feel inspired by your reading. 

Thank you so much."


Workshop Testimonials

"Hi Rachel,

Thanks again for running such a professional and very well thought out Clarity Vision Board session. I was really impressed by the thought and effort you put in to getting us in the right frame of mind to then set out our visions for 2016. I left the workshop feeling very refreshed and focused.

Kind Regards, Kate." Kate.

"Thanks for the Vision Board Workshop Rachel. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation and creating the vision board. It was a really valuable exercise, and I got a lot out of it. I'm looking forward to having the board as my compass for the year."