Sky Full of Light


What is Pellowah?

Pellowah was founded in 2003 by Kachina Ma’an. This form of healing connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation and unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body, giving you a feeling of connection and well-being.

Pellowah activates you so you generate or create the light from within. To put it another way, the “new you” becomes the normal.

How Does It Work?

Each strand of DNA stores a particular string of knowledge and as we evolve and learn to connect and activate these strands accessing our so far hidden knowledge, the way we do things and the way we see and interact in our world will change.

Pellowah can be used in absent healing and can also be used to heal pets and plants. Still want to know more?

What Does Pellowah Feel Like?

You can experience a range of emotions during a Pellowah session, including:

  • Inner strength and confidence

  • Increased awareness

  • More harmonious emotions

  • Clearer thoughts

  • Increased feeling of connection

  • Easier decision making skills

  • Being able to observe situations rather then being immersed in them

  • Have things fall into place more easily

One can also experience a new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. Importantly, through this we are able to make choices which take us to greater heights and levels in our life.

Pellowah Can Benefit Everyone!

When having a treatment prior to a serious operation, clients come out of the operation feeling, healthy, well, optimistic and full of life and recovery time has been greatly reduced with the help of a Pellowah session.

Those who have suffered anxiety and depression for as long as they recall, and who had no sense of direction and purpose in their lives, are now living their lives much more fully, and are feeling totally inspired.

People feel less attached and more empowered, along with a greater sense of inner confidence and strength after having completed a Pellowah session. There is also a feeling of renewed flow and centeredness as well as a greater sense of peace within themselves, when people realise that all things are possible.

Many of the people who see us are drawn to this type of 'inner healing' when they are going through a time of change or a crossroads within their lives. If this sounds like something you're interested in or if you'd like to talk to one of our practitioners about the benefits that a Pellowah healing session can have on your life, then book a session today!

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Usually 1 to 4 healing sessions is required, though that is totally directed by the client. A client may come for this form of healing again prior to tackling the next crossroad in their life.

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