About you...

Hello gorgeous light being,

I know, you know you are so important to Earth right now. You have been going along your journey feeling like you are on your own or so unique others around you don't understand you...but don't worry I do!

I, too have had the visions in meditations, dreams and that intuitive knowledge of what is happening to us individually and to the collective consciousness. You love being creative and feeling intuitively connected to being creative.

You may have even grown up thinking you aren't creative or an artist, but it's true, you are!

But deep down you are adventurous, spontaneous and love that inner child playing fearlesslessly.

You my love are fearless and people find that hard to understand, but don't worry. I understand.

You love energy healing, you love committing yourself to your soul purpose and connecting to others and their hearts.

You my love are a divine loving soul, thankyou for your presence.

About Me...

Having finished my social work degree last year and working in research & art therapy/photography therapy for aged care, I have combined these two loves to form my business.

I knew when I finished my degree that I was ready to tap into the deepest parts of my soul to provide a service for others, who seek, just like I did.

It has taken a long term spiritual commitment to get here, but it has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

I continue to seek, learn and share my truth.

I look forward to connecting with your energy!

My soul purpose? Is it work with the global energy and those individual souls who feel energetically connected with me to share my message, knowledge, truth and wisdom for them to know their true soul purpose and shift layers off to remember and reveal their true self.

What's yours?

Rachel xx